how shall bolivia hear?


facts about bolivia:

-Average age of Bolivia is 22 years old.

-Over 1/3 are from birth to fourteen.

-Over 9.7 million people in the country.

-The youth are more open to American culture.

-The youth are not as dedicated to Catholism as their parents are;

     they are more secular.

-Over 60% are below the poverty line.

-The Andes Mountains cut so many people off from the rest of

     society.  Their poverty, smaller groupings, and difficulty to get

     there stop people from even talking to them.  As a result, they

     have never once heard of Jesus Christ.

-The most dangerous road in the world is in Bolivia—

     “The Road of Death”

-They still worship “El Tio” (Satan) and “Pacha Mama”

     (Mother Earth) with sacrifices.

-Over 60% of the population is of Indian descent.

-The biggest groups are the Quechua, Aymara,

     and Guarani Indians.

-The Quechuas are descended from the Incas.

-The new President (Morales) is of Indian descent (Quechua). 

     But he doesn’t speak Quechua.  He is becoming very

     friendly with Chavez.

-Only about 30% of all roads in Bolivia are paved

     (mostly in the city).

-In the Andes Mountains, many live at over 10,000 feet in the air

     (as high as some planes fly).  Clouds go through their

     living rooms.

-La Paz is the highest capital city in the world.

-They have 3 official languages—Spanish, Quechua, and Aymara.

-They have 2 capital cities—La Paz and Sucre

     (one for the executive branch and one for the judicial).

-They eat saltenas. (see web link for foods).

-One of their delicacies is guinea pig.  They also eat armadillo.

-The country is slightly less than 3 times the size of Montana.

-The country has quite a diversity—Andes Mountains, altiplano,

     Amazon Jungle, and even deserts and salt flats

-They were 2nd (and are now 3rd) in cocaine products..

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